‘Bangladesh no longer in pirate prone countries’

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said journey in the sea route is safe now as Bangladesh is no longer in the list of pirate prone countries. Continue reading

Interesting video shows PMSC in action

We’re not sure which company the team in this video work for, although sources suggest that they are an EU-based operation who use ‘foreign nationals’ to make up their armed teams rather than using former Western military personnel. Continue reading

MSDF planning joint drill with NATO forces

The head of Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force says he is trying to arrange the first joint exercise between MSDF and NATO units that are currently taking part in an anti-piracy mission off the coast of Somalia. Continue reading

Future antipiracy missions could depend on marines

Italy could suspend future missions pending resolution in India

The joint foreign and defense committees on Wednesday OK’d to move to suspend Italy’s participation in future international anti-piracy missions until the homes of two Italian marines Detained in India on possible murder charges is resolved. Continue reading

Iran’s 31st naval fleet foils pirate attacks on Iranian oil tank

By Umid Niayesh – Trend:

The 31st naval fleet of Iran has repelled three pirate attacks against an Iranian oil tank on Sept. 4. Continue reading

The true cost of oil theft in Nigeria?

Looking for the true cost of oil theft and piracy in Nigeria? Good luck with that. Even the Nigerian press can’t seem to get their heads around the figures. Continue reading

Pirates attack products tanker off Ivory Coast

(Reuters) – Armed pirates robbed an petroleum products tanker near Ivory Coast’s port of Abidjan, a maritime agency and a private security advisor said on Wednesday, in an indication of the increasing mobility of Nigeria-based gangs. Continue reading