Official: Traces of drugs found with dead Americans on ‘Captain Phillips’ ship

By Khushbu Shah. Tom Cohen and Michael Martinez, CNN

(CNN) — Traces of narcotics and hypodermic needles found with the bodies of two American security officers on the Maersk Alabama container ship suggested the deaths resulted from drug overdoses, a Seychelles government official told CNN on Thursday.

Seychelles police identified the bodies found Tuesday as Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy, both 44.

“A postmortem will be carried out this week in order to establish the cause of their sudden deaths,” police said, adding that the investigation continues.

According to the government official, who spoke on condition of not being identified, the presence of drug traces and paraphernalia “would suggest that their deaths were a result of drug overdose.”

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Source: CNN

Maritime Security News Note:
While others may speculate over the circumstances of the men’s deaths, we would prefer to wait for the official results of the post mortem in this tragic case. At this stage, nothing is confirmed and the fact remains that two men have died, leaving behind loved ones.


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