Autopsy on US Security Officers Planned for Early Next Week


Press Release

THE SEYCHELLES Police have reported that the autopsy on Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy is to be carried out early next week. It is expected to establish the cause of death of the two US security officers who were found dead onboard Maersk Alabama while moored in Port Victoria in the afternoon of Tuesday, 18 February.
The Police also said that, despite reports in international press that drugs were spotted in the cabin where the bodies were found, those reports are not from the official Police source. The Police added that they have never released any reports suggesting that the two former US Seal officers may have died from drug overdose.

Reynolds and Kennedy, who worked for Trident Security firm, arrived in the country onboard container ship Maersk Alabama on 16 Feb together with some other 22 crew members and were supposed to leave in the night of the 18 Feb.

The ship had to stay in Port Victoria, Seychelles, for the purpose of investigation and was cleared to leave only yesterday [21 Feb]. In the meantime, the Police is continuing with its investigation in that the sad incident.



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