ARCHIVED: Somali Hostage Michael Scott Moore Shot and Wounded?

We’re happy to report that this is now very old news, thanks to Michael’s release this week. If we could archive this story, we would, but we don’t want to simply delete it as that’s not how we do things, so consider this one ‘spiked’.


Andrew Mwangura, Secretary General of the Seafarers Union of Kenya, sent me the following report on German/US citizen, Michael Scott Moore, kidnapped by pirates in January 2012. Please note that this report has not been verified by any third parties:

American journalist Michael Moore is said to be in a very bad situation following a gun attack last December.

Sources within piracy circles say that the hostage suffered bullet wounds while trying to escape from captivity.

Writer-cum-journalist with dual US/German citizenship Michael Scott Moore was taken captive in January this year by 15 gunmen in two land cruisers South of Galkayo in the Galmadug region.

Several Westerners have been kidnapped from Kenya near the Somali border, and Kenyan officials blames the Shabaab for the abductions, citing them as a rationale for sending hundreds of troops into Somalia.

But many independent analysts doubt the abductions were committed by the Shabaab and say pirate or bandit gangs were probably the culprits.

Eye witness Ahmed Mohamed says that the ill-fated journalist is currently hospitalized in Gal’kayo under tight security watch of his captors.

For more on this story, and kidnaps by pirates in general, please read my previous article on the subject here.

Maritime Security News UPDATE:
This story gained a lot of attention, not least from Michael Moore’s mother, who contacted me directly. In turn, I put her in touch with the original source of the story, Andrew Mwangura. Today, I contacted Mwangura for an update after hearing from Michael’s mother.

Mwangura writes:

“He was not seriously injured….the gunmen want to use him as bargaining chip.”

This kind of psychological pressure is not unusual when dealing with pirates and kidnappers. Hopefully, the new attention Michael Moore’s case has garnered will pay off in terms of faster negotiations and release.


23 thoughts on “ARCHIVED: Somali Hostage Michael Scott Moore Shot and Wounded?

  1. Jennifer Coker

    I’m a friend of his. And just now heard this news. For some reason Google Alerts didn’t pick it up and send it to me. Thank you so much for putting this out there. it is excruciating not to know how he is. Please do continue to keep us updated if you hear anything at all. We be very very grateful. Thank you so much!

  2. Scott B

    Do we have an update on Michael? The last video they posted has been over 2 years ago. I have been researching Michaels where abouts based on the little information available online. It is sad his where about hasnt been confirmed in such a long time.

  3. Eric J

    I am also a friend of Michael’s. Please provide updates if you can. It is unimaginable that it has been almost 2 1/2 years since Michael was kidnapped.

  4. CHALAUD Pierre

    S.V.P avez-vous des news de Michael ? que faire , est-il possible de l’aider ou de lui faire passer un mail? je ne l’oublie pas!
    Pierre Chalaud

  5. andrewlawson67

    I also new Mike..from Boston in the nineties ….I have just seen the news
    about the journalist …believed to be beheaded ..reminders of Daniel Pearl.

    As long as Mike is considered a bargaining chip..for money
    There is hope….the sad reality of this nigtmare for Michael and his loved ones

      1. CHALAUD Pierre

        Pourquoi les U.S.A qui refusent de donner une rançon pour Michael, ne négocient pas avec les Shebab pour un échange alors qu’ils ne savent que faire de leurs prisonniers de Guantanamo ?
        Est-ce encore possible ?
        Michael ne doit pas sombrer dans l’oubli ! please

      2. Maritime Security News Post author

        Michael n’a pas été oublié. J’ai envoyé tous les détails que je reçois, que je ne publie ici, au département d’Etat américain. Il y a beaucoup de choses dans les coulisses, qui ne peut pas être discutés. Cependant, les États-Unis ne négocient pas de rançons. Il est contraire à la loi en Amérique.

  6. andrewlawson67

    I knew Michael in the early 1990’s ..and was a roommate for a brief time
    In Jamaica Plaine …Mass..I just was reading about the journalist
    who may have been beheaded..from Boston…shades of Daniel Pearl
    As long as Mike is breathing and a bargaining chip for money

    There is hope …that is ….unfortunately the reality of this nightmare
    For his loved ones and friends ….

    Mike used to watch those commercials about viagra and acid reflux
    And turn to me and say

    Don’t get sick …Andy
    I would say …..Don’t get sick…Mike …and laugh

    Stay …strong….Mike

    1. Maritime Security News Post author

      The US State Dept. has been updated as and when I’ve received info on Michael, but there are many reasons for keeping this story low profile. For instance, the more media attention, the higher the ransom the pirates will demand. Things are going on behind closed doors, but it’s still disappointing how little coverage his plight has received.

  7. gr

    Can you elaborate on why keeping this low profile is important? Obviously the ransom amount is currently unacceptable or someone would have paid it. So the concern can’t be money…

    Also do you think the kidnappers have mistaken Michael Scott Moore for the well known documentary filmmaker who is similarly named?

    1. Maritime Security News Post author

      The more publicity a hostage negotiation gets, the higher the ransom demanded. I’m also exercising restraint in terms of releasing certain details which may adversely affect Mr Moore’s conditions. I doubt that there was any case of mistaken identity here; he was effectively known in the area as a journalist and there was a degree of planning in his kidnapping.

  8. Scott B

    Thank you for all the updates and responses you all do. I know I really appreciate whatever news on Michael you provide. I also understand there is behind the scenes actions happening.

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  10. CHALAUD Pierre

    Je suis trés heureux d’apprendre aujourd’hui que Michael Scott Moore est sain et sauf et enfin libre . C’est une trés bonne nouvelle dans le contexte actuel ou nous avons un otage français qui a été sauvagement assassiné en Algérie.
    Tous mes meilleurs voeux de bon rétablissement à Michael et bon retour chez lui, Pierre Chalaud


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