Two Kenyan military men held by Somali pirates

AAFonline/ Richard Mngazija

Kenyan hostages in Somalia are two Kenya Defence Force (KDF) Corporal Evans Mutoro and Sergent Jonathan Kangogo had been kidnapped in Wajir,  Somali since July 23, 2011.

The two hostages were on duty, as they were taking supplies to their Kenya Defence Forces colleagues.

Recently two Kenyan engineers abducted by suspected Somali pirates last month in Mogadishu are close family members from Nairobi’s Rongai area, the Seafarers Union of Kenya has revealed.

The union’s secretary-general Andrew Mwangura said families of the two, who are cousins, were expected home two days before their abduction after completing their contract in Mogadishu.

They were kidnapped on January 12 in Hodan District within the Somali capital Mogadishu.

The gang have demanded a ransom of $1 million (Sh86 million) to free them.

Somali pirates are currently holding captive six other Kenyans, one American journalist and three employees of Sweden’s International Aid Services (IAS) kidnapped in Somalia in July 2012.

The two Kenyan aid workers and a Somali doctor were kidnapped in northern Somalia’s semi-autonomous Puntland region in July 2012.

The hostages were then taken to a known location under the control of heavily armed pirates.


Maritime Security News Note:
Two Somali pirate/kidnap stories in one day. For more on the background to these crimes, please refer to my earlier post here.


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