SOMALIA: Puntland coastguards capture Yemeni-owned illegal fishing vessel

Bosasso (RBC) Puntland coastguards have on Monday presented in the coastal town of Alula a Yemeni-owned illegal fishing vessel captured a day before, RBC Radio reports.

The seizure of the Yemeni boast came after the region’s coastguard earlier week launched an operation meant to clear the increasing illegal fishing and suspected toxic dumping activities by foreign vessels into Somalia coast which has been common since the collapse of former regime of Siad Barre in 1990s.

Deputy Alula district commissioner Ali Salah Yusuf said the operation ended with successful as the coastguard captured the Yemeni fishing boat operating in the coast without permission.

He blamed the Yemeni fishers were using destructive fishing equipment including killing the productive fish and also maintained to destroy of the coral reefs in the sea harming the country’s sea resources.

Puntland coastguards also apprehended Yemeni illegal fishermen and Somali armed men protecting them as guards.

There has been growing warnings of rampant illegal fishing in the Somali waters as the United Nations estimated that billions of dollars of illegal fishing are stolen from Somali waters each year.



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