Three Crewmen Kidnapped off Nigeria

Another report of a crew abduction in Nigeria, and another which will no doubt be largely ignored by the media. Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 17.59.37

According to reports, the Prince Joseph 1, a supply ship en route from Onne to the rig Magellan, was attacked by five gunmen in a speedboat at 0130 LT in position 04:17.52N-007:53.26E, around 70nm off the Magellan. Five crew were initially thought to have been taken by the gunmen, but two of the missing crew were later found hiding on board the vessel.

It appears that the kidnappers took the Captain, Chief Engineer (Panamanian) and one local national crew member.

The abduction of crew has become a significant problem in recent months off West Africa, as I’ve discussed in previous blog posts.


One thought on “Three Crewmen Kidnapped off Nigeria

  1. Rene Toomse

    Good day and thank you for the fast news. However, could you please add a time of the posts as well for better tracking and assessment. Thank you! Rene

    I’m sure that would make much better content for you to send on to your clients in order to look informed. Can’t see that I benefit in any way, shape or form, though!


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