Pirate Attack: Gulf of Guinea

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 20.09.09

The IMB reports a pirate attack against a merchant ship on March 4th around 58nm WSW of Brass, Nigeria.

The report states that pirates in two skiffs chased and fired on a vessel underway at 1915 UTC in position 04:00.02N-005:16.6E. The MV took anti-piracy preventative measures and managed to evade the attack.

All vessels are requested to remain extra vigilant when transiting this area.

This news comes soon after another attack on a ship and the abduction of three crew. This report is unusual in that it comes via the IMB; most incidents over the last few months have not been officially reported. Quite why the alert for an incident yesterday is being sent out today is not reported.


2 thoughts on “Pirate Attack: Gulf of Guinea

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