SOMALIA: SAPIC/UNSOM Launches first Somali documentary film on the effect of piracy on Somalia

Mogadishu: Somali Anti Piracy Information Centre in association with The Ministry of Information convened the 6th SAPIC town hall meeting to discuss the effects of piracy on the Somali society and launch the first Somali TV documentary at the Jazeera Hotel, in Mogadishu.

Among key speakers during the event was the Minister of Information,H.E Mustafa Haji Dhululow. He stated that the government has to draft new legislations that should include the public’s input and consultation. He also emphasized the need for the government to create new jobs for young people as an essential way to tackle piracy and other criminal activities.

Mr.Muhyadin, an advisor to the Somali Marine Force informed that over 1039 young Somali men are currently joined in various countries on accounts of piracy.He asserted that “the Somali economy and businesses have significantly suffered from rumors milled to ransom money”.

The launch of the documentary paved way to a representative of the Somali youth,Bisharo Kadiye,who in an emotional statement said,”our social fabric has been wrecked,our image had been tarnished,mothers and wives continue to live with trauma…”.


Somali Anti-Piracy Information Centre (SAPIC) is a Somalia based community organization that advocates for the ending of piracy on Somali and international waters through community and international engagement.

More information on SAPIC initiative can be viewed at or on the SAPIC social media pages on Twitter and Facebook.



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