Nigeria: Kidnapped Crew Freed, New Crew Kidnapped

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 10.14.40

Bayelsa State, Nigeria

I’ve received a report from a trusted source in Nigeria today with mixed news.

The good news is that the Nigerian Navy have apparently freed the three Indian nationals held hostage after being abducted from the Mpdl Asha Deep, a Nigerian-flagged tug which was boarded in the Agbami field while en route to Onne. At this point I have no details as to how the rescue was carried out and whether there are any casualties amongst the kidnappers. The bad news is that there was another incident on the night of March 6th, around 15nm off Bayelsa. Reports state that an Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV) was attacked and two crew members kidnapped. Those are all the details at present.

Assuming that this is following the usual pattern of attacks against OSVs, this season’s target of choice, it’s likely that the kidnapped men are the Master and Chief Engineer, who can command relatively high ransoms.

So that’s eight kidnapped crew this week, with three rescued, leaving five in the hands of their captors and not one major news story about it.


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