Nigeria: Confirmation of Two Further Crew Abductions

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Last week was one of the busiest in recent months for Nigerian maritime crime.

No fewer than 8 crew were reportedly abducted from their ships, with the Nigerian Navy freeing three of them. The latest confirmed report concerns the Master and a crewman from the Prime Lady, another supply vessel – currently, the vessel of choice for attackers.

According to reports over the weekend, the Prime Lady (IMO: 8112524) was attacked in position 04:11.6N-005:44.0E, around 15nm off the Nigerian coast in the Bight of Bonny. This confirms reports received on the day which I was unable to confirm immediately.

On Friday, the Nigerian Navy rescued three Indian crew kidnapped from the Mdpl Asha Deep, a Nigerian-flagged tug, although their abductors were able to escape.

That means Nigerian robbers are now holding at least five crew hostage. It’s already a busy month in the Gulf of Guinea.


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