Poland: Prosecutors from Szczecin on the trail of Somali pirates

Please note that this story was translated from the original Polish by Google and some errors may remain.

Adam Zadworny

Polish sailors who were victims of Somali pirates, watch the prosecutor’s office in Szczecin pictures of modern buccaneers detained in the Netherlands. Investigators also check whether other detainees in Kenya are the same pirates who hijacked a ship “Magellan Star” of the Polish crew

Szczecin appellate prosecutor’s office specialized in investigations on the activities of Somali pirates. Is tracking down behind his desk in Szczecin people who live in the state structures devoid of any parts of Somalia, make any sense? – We have no choice – says one of the prosecutors in Szczecin. – In accordance with Article 110 of the Criminal Code Polish penal law shall also apply to persons who have committed crimes on Polish citizen residing abroad. So the kidnapping of our citizens, even abroad, it is a criminal offense prosecuted ex officio, punishable by up to seven years in prison. Besides, we know that some of the people who drive abductions, resides in Europe.We can reach them. Our Polish witnesses may also be valuable for other prosecutors’ offices, such as Germany or the Netherlands, which lead the investigation “pirate”. Anyway, some EU countries have in the fight against Somali pirates, with some success.

Cargo Ship “Beluga Nomination” belonging to the German shipowner sailed from Malta to South Korea’s Masan. 24 January 2011 in the Indian Ocean, about 700 miles north of the Seychelles, was attacked by pirates on the high-speed motorboats. The bandits were armed with automatic weapons and RPG (Hand grenade launcher). The twelve crew under the command of Polish captain from Swinoujscie managed to send a request for help and barricaded themselves in one of the rooms. On the same day there was a dramatic rebound attempt by the Danish freighter frigate HDMS “Esbern Snare” and Seychelles patrol boat. In retaliation for the deaths of three of his companions pirates shot dead two members of the crew. A third sailor was killed when jumped overboard, trying to escape by swimming. Two other crew members in the confusion managed to sail on the lifeboat and were fish-the Danish frigate. For 88 days the ship was at anchor in Somalia. Seafarers terrorized by chewing narcotic plant barefoot pirates armed with modern weapons, survived the horror . The freighter was released after payment of ransom by the company. Somali waters surrounding the “Horn of Africa” is one of the most dangerous regions of the world shipping.

In 2010, pirates hijacked there a record number of 1,181 sailors from many countries. The base of the pirates is mainly Puntland, north-eastern scrap plunged into anarchy of Somalia, which separated from the state in 1998, rapidly evolving phenomenon of modern piracy also works on the imagination of Hollywood film producers. In 2013, on movie screens came a loud movie “Captain Phillips” with Tom Hanks in the lead role, based on the true story of the kidnapping of a ship by Somali pirates described in the book by Richard Phillips “A Captain’s Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALS, and Dangerous Days at Sea “.

Similar events take now Szczecin prosecutors and agents of the Internal Security Agency. Legal Aid of Arab In November 2008, in Somali waters has been hijacked Saudi tanker “Sirius Star”, one of the largest in the world, with the captain of podszczecińskiego Gryfina on board. Soon after television Al-Jazeera, referring to the leader of the pirates Mohammed Said, said that the release of the ship kidnappers demanded a ransom – $ 25 million. “Otherwise, we will take action that will prove disastrous” – said Said. hijacked supertanker after the kidnapping docked at the entrance point Somali pirates Harardhere, located about 300 km north of Mogadishu. After negotiations and the payment of the ransom, which usually is the secret of both sides, the vessel was released. was then that the national prosecutor’s office for the first time in Szczecin investigators commissioned an investigation into the kidnapping of a Polish citizen. Polish interviewed the captain and originating from our country technical officer. – This investigation is currently suspended pending the legal aid from the United Arab Emirates – said prosecutor Anna Gawłowska-Rynkiewicz, a spokesman for Szczecin district attorney’s office. – Recently we received a response to our request for assistance from the Netherlands [Dutch commandos stopped a few pirates, they stay in a Dutch prison – ed]. These materials are in the translation.

Thanks to the Dutch show our witnesses boards image with photos of suspects in the local investigation. Perhaps these people have taken part in the abduction of ships to Polish soldiers on board. Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin, through the Ministry of Justice has sent requests for legal assistance and to Croatia and Germany – also there are ongoing investigations into the activities of pirates.

Nigeria will not help us Szczecin Appellate Prosecutor’s Office, which opened a total of eight procedures on the activities of Somali pirates, the only one in Poland that “investigation pirate.” Examples? In March 2009, in the hands of sea robbers hit “Bow Asir”, belonging to the Norwegian shipowner, which worked five Poles. Later, pirates hijacked a German bulk carrier “Patriot”, on board of which he was a Pole. In 2010, the abducted ship ” Magellan Star “with the Poles on board. These ships were released after paying a ransom of 1.8 to 4 million dollars. – In the “Magellan” help us Americans (they also failed to stop the pirates, who are being held in New York), we are waiting also for legal aid in Kenya (it is suspected that there detained pirates were involved in the kidnapping “Magellan”) – we hear the prosecution. latter two examples are the 2013 April 24 Somali pirates hijacked a German container ship owner “City of Xiamen” with five Poles on board, flying the a flag of Antigua and Barbuda. , Germany seem to be the specific findings. Therefore, Szczecin prosecution, which interrogates Polish witnesses, considering the transfer of prosecution in Germany. recent case is the “Continental One” under the flag of Singapore kidnapped in June 2013 In December, the investigation was discontinued. – As we made all possible actions, and legal assistance from Nigeria, in which the coast was hijacked, is not an option – says prosecutor Gawłowska-Rynkiewicz.

Source: http://szczecin.gazeta.pl/


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