Nigeria: I wanted to reduce fuel scarcity, says arrested pipeline vandal


Pandemonium broke out, weekend, along Ikate-Akute area of Ogun State following a shootout between operatives of the Inspector  General of Police Special Task Force on Anti Pipeline Vandalism Unit and pipeline vandals.

A suspected pipeline vandal was arrested, while others reportedly escaped, abandoning five of their operational speed boats with 4,000 empty 50-litre jerry cans.

The vandals, said to be numbering over 12, reportedly stormed the spot apparently to vandalise a Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, petroleum pipeline on Saturday morning, when the operatives swooped on them.

During interrogation, the arrested suspect, who identified himself as Abbey Daniel, said he indulged in vandalism to save Nigerians from fuel scarcity.
He said: “I am terribly sorry. But we did it in an attempt to help Nigerians to get fuel, which has become scarce.

“Since the scarcity, Nigerians have been suffering, particularly artisans. And since there is high demand for fuel in Lagos and the buyers are paying good money, we decided to venture into it. We even sell to owners of petrol stations.

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