Oil Theft: The Untamed Monster in Delta State

Ebenezer Adurokiya

Ebenezer Adurokiya writes that criminality relating to crude oil in Delta State may not really be on the wane despite the efforts by security agencies and the government to stem the tide.

A local adage says that when a dog tastes human blood, it will be thirsty for more if not quickly shown the way to the grave. This perhaps explains the state of illegal oil business in the Niger Delta, particularly Delta State. Crude oil can be crude, but it is sweet. Its sweetness lies in the unquantifiable monetary gains it oozes out into the hands of its explorers and exploiters.

Interestingly, the army of aggrieved and greedy youths that have signed into the money-spinning cartel of oil bunkering, illegal refinery business, illegal ferrying and sale of crude oil to thieving foreign and local ships owners and the like is daily on the increase despite relentless efforts being daily made by the Nigerian Navy and the Army to stem the tide.

Like the proverbial Aneke bird, which has learnt to fly without perching, the successes achieved by the security agencies cannot be compared with the rate at which many youths are still being enrolled into the illegal businesses and the level of determination and sophistication with which the illegal business is now being perpetrated. This is because it is seen as a better option than militancy.

To read the entire article, please click here.

Source: http://www.tribune.com.ng


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