President Gaas fires PMPF director

Puntland president Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gaas dismissed Mohamed Abdirahman Sheikh Mohamed Mohamud Farole from the office of anti-piracy and marine defense police of Puntland director as he appointed Abdirahman bihi Sofe for the office .

Brief history of PMPF

Puntland’s anti-piracy and marine defense police was established in 2010 under the administration former Puntland President Abdirahman Shiekh Mohamed Mohamud Farole in a bid of defeating the overwhelming piracy strength who at that time were launching attacks on the commercial vessels crossing on the international sea as well as Somali nearby sea.

Executing the promise he pledged, Ex Puntland president Farole succeeded in setting up the coast guard and anti-piracy Puntland force which comes second when Puntland’s different forces are listed according to their mighty

Upon the conclusion of the anti-piracy and  Puntland coast guard establishment of President Farole in pursuit of firstly dismantling the high piracy  record in Puntland regions, United Arab Emirates pledged a fund  for the force, until now PMPF is supported by the UAE.

Who is Mohamed Abdirahman (The outgoing PMPF director)

Mohamed Abdirahman Farole, the son of former Puntland president permanently worked in Puntland on social issues and politics as well the since 2000 after returning from Australia where he has lived and studied since the collapse of Somalia’a central government.

Mohamed in 2004 initiated  Radio Garowe, local FM radio station where at the same year he launched Garowe Online, website covering news in Somalia.

Following the nomination of his father Farole, he was appointed as senior media consultant to president Farole.

He was among the officers worked on the establishment of a powerful force that could yield in dismantling piracy in the region thus led to his later appointment for the director office of Puntland Marine Police Force.

During Mohamed’s term in office, he succeeded in empowering the force and sweeping piracy out of Puntland regions, where once the world recorded Puntland as the most powerful hub for Pirates around the globe.

About Soofe (the new appointed director of (PMPF)

The newly appointed director of PMPF Abdinasir Bihi Sofe, a man who is new to the ground politics of Puntland region and has been living overseas for the most his times.

He is close family member of Puntland President Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gaas.

RBC Radio


Maritime Security News Note:
This hardly comes as a surprise, although it does seem to have taken longer than expected for the new broom to sweep through the PMPF. There were several accusations that the PMPF had been used for political means during the run up to the elections in Puntland, which raised tensions in the region.

The appointment of Abdinasir Bihi Sofe, a “close family member” of the new President, according to Raxenreeb, doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. It would perhaps have been better to appoint a complete outsider, but one who had experience of anti-piracy and coast guard operations. If the family link mentioned in the story is true, then it doesn’t really help with transparency. However, it has to be said that the PMPF remain the one outfit in the entire country with a proven track record of fighting piracy.


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