Securing coast of Gabon: an American delegation expected in reinforcement

[Please note this article was auto-translated by Google Chrome from the original French. Some errors may be present.]

The charge d’affaires of the Embassy of the United States to Gabon, Dante Paradiso who hosted Thursday, April 3 press conference at the premises of the embassy, ​​announced the arrival in June, a delegation of U.S. Navy to secure the coast of Gabon.

Piracy attacks off the coast of Gabon notably in July 2013,  an attack on an oil tanker by pirates who then took him to the Nigerian territorial waters added to the successive entries of illegal immigrants on the ground Gabon, attest to the permeability of local maritime borders.

Faced with this situation, the implementation of strategies that can strengthen the security apparatus of the border  sea was decided.

It is this mission that will strive in June 2014, representatives of the U.S. Navy, whose actions included in the strategy to secure the Gulf of Guinea, is to secure the borders Gabon facing maritime crime.

The charge d’affaires of the Embassy of the United States to Gabon, Dante Paradiso made the announcement Thursday, April 3. He also unveiled the objectives of the mission of the American envoys within the same country.

Indeed, it will be for this team to assess the security situation in Gabon and propose to the Government a plan for effective fight against maritime piracy.

Training sessions Gabonese eco-guards on the environment  are also provided in all national parks.

To the charge d’affaires of the Embassy of the United States, this initiative is part of the partnership that the United States of America enjoy many years with Gabon.

Although the number of representatives of the U.S. Navy expected was not revealed, this initiative may, in some way, strengthen the Gabonese authorities that put the last few months, the security issue of borders, the center of trade with other partner countries.

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