UKMTO Report 29th March to 4th April

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 15.56.03

An odd report this week. I’m trying to work out if UKMTO is reporting two weeks’ late, or whether they have not been informed of other incidents which occurred during the stated reporting period. Given that I know of at least two incidents which occurred on March 31st and after, and which were reported to UKMTO, I’m a little nonplussed.

On to the reports:

29 Mar – 19 28.1N 059 00.5E. At 1010 UTC a vessel reported being approached from astern by a
white skiff with 3 POB and a weapon was sighted. The skiff closed to 300m and followed the
vessel for 5 minutes. When the AST showed their presence the skiff altered course towards the
Omani coast. The crew and vessel are safe.

30 Mar – 24 52N 060 59E. At 0645 UTC a vessel reported an approach by two speed boats, both
with 3 POB. One boat approached to 2m off the starboard quarter and a ladder was sighted. The other boat was 10m off the stern. The vessel took evasive action for 25 minutes before the speed boats moved away.

30 Mar – 26 22.6N 56 07.8E. At 0500 UTC a vessel reported 2 speed boats approach from 2nm on the port bow. The boats, containing 3 POB, approached at approx. 24kts to 150m and machine guns were seen in hands of boat crew who were wearing military style clothes. No aggressive action was taken by the boats and they proceeded to the Iranian coast.

30 Mar – 26 24N 56 41E. At 1146 UTC a vessel reported being approached by 1 skiff with 6 POB, armed with machine guns. The skiff closed to within 5 meters and fired 2 shots towards the bridge and accommodation area. The ship’s alarm was sounded and hoses activated. The skiff turned away and headed towards the coast.


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