Israel Navy Expands Long-Range Ops

March 5 Raid Was Just ‘Tip of The Iceberg’


TEL AVIV — Last month’s capture of an Iranian arms cache in international waters south of the Red Sea’s Port Sudan is just “the tip of the iceberg” of Israeli maritime black operations conducted far beyond the horizons of hostile shores, according to a top Navy officer here.

An after-action investigation of Operation Full Disclosure — the months-long effort that culminated in the bloodless March 5 raid of a Panamanian-flagged freighter some 1,500 kilometers from Israel’s Red Sea port — is still in progress.

But Rear Adm. Yaron Levi, Israel Navy chief of staff, said preliminary findings reaffirm the service’s tactic of choice for tackling contraband on the high seas: force prevention through force projection.

“The big lesson was to come in with lots of force so we wouldn’t have to use force,” Levi said.

“That and our decision to engage in daylight and not under cover of night, which added enormous value” to the force projection/prevention approach, he added.

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