Belize: 5 fishermen home safe, while a trio of pirates is in custody

While five fishermen are home safe, a trio of pirates is in custody tonight. As we reported on Thursday night, the Belize Coast Guard responded to a robbery twenty miles southeast of Belize City where pirates held up the fisher folks at gunpoint and confiscated their produce.  There was a shootout initiated by the pirates and after a high speed chase at sea, the Coast Guard out maneuvered the pirates who are well known to the law. Isani Cayetano went back to the Coast Guard and has an update on that story.

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

A high-speed pursuit by the coast guard’s Quick Response Team, in the vicinity of Middle Long Caye on Thursday afternoon, has resulted in the apprehension of a trio of men.  Report of an armed robbery in an area approximately twenty miles southeast of Belize City was radioed in to the headquarters of the Belize National Coast Guard sometime after twelve o’clock.

Lt. Greg Soberanis, Operations Officer, Belize National Coast Guard:

“Just after midday we received a call from fishermen that they’ve been robbed of their product and individuals had made their escape into a creek of Middle Long Caye.”

The deployment of assets was immediate and before the pirates knew it they were being chased by a patrol boat.  Their vessel, registered as Dannica, a mid-sized skiff powered by a fifty horsepower engine, would prove difficult to pin down.  A game of cat and mouse followed.

To read the entire article, please click here.



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