Weapons soon on board authorized to fight off pirates

MEPs adopted on 29 April unanimously at first reading a draft law to allow the presence of security officers private vessels in the piracy-prone areas.

“It is the responsibility of the State to ensure that vessels flying french flag have the means to protect themselves.” This Bill allows to ensure the safety of our ships, and to strengthen the competitiveness of the french flag and maritime transport,”pleaded the Secretary of State for the transport Frédéric Cuvillier.

Role of the State regulator

French shipowners will be able, as they demanded, have recourse to agents of private security firms when they pass through areas plagued by piracy. A commercial contract will be signed between the protection and the shipowner. The State will have a role of regulator: it will ensure that the candidate companies are able to carry out this activity, then will monitor compliance with the rules on their part.

To read the entire article (in the original French), please click here.

Source: http://www.midilibre.fr


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