SOMALIA: Our forces helped to successfully reduced pirate activities, minister says

Mogadishu (RBC) The Minister of Information of the Federal Government of Somalia Mustaf Duhulow has said in a press conference in Mogadishu that Somali forces helped to the successfully reduced of the pirate activities within the Somali coast, RBC Radio reports.

” Our forces deserve our support and recognition so that they can accomplish their mission with confidence. Also,” the minister said.

“Our forces and the government and the EU have successfully reduced pirate activities by 95%.” he added.

The Minister spoke the progress of the government as well as the current situation in Somalia and said that the government is committed to action and delivery in order to hold fair and free elections by 2016.

“For the last 4 months the Somali National Army with the support of AMISOM liberated over 10 towns from Al-Shabaab and now people in these areas enjoy peace.” minister Dhuhulow added.

While touching the stabilization program, the information minister noted down that there was a need for reconciliation for the communities to end clan-based conflict in the regions.

“The government has also implemented the stabilization process in Mogadishu and other regions. We have provided humanitarian assistance to newly recovered areas, and we are planning to reconcile communities in those areas, so that people will be able to take part the nation building process.” he mentioned.

“We have also established security institutions in those areas, such as police stations and courts. We want to provide an environment that is conducive for people to discuss and decide their future, as we want to hold elections by 2016.” the minister of information also commented.


Maritime Security News Note:
It never ceases to amaze me just how many people and groups line up to claim their part in the victory against piracy. That the Minister fails to discuss just how Somali forces have helped to reduce piracy is perhaps telling. It would be nice to have clear examples of piracy interdiction from the Somali government if they are going to make such announcements. As far as I’m aware, the only truly successful outfit to fight piracy in Somalia has been the Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF). The FG has been far more involved in securing Mogadishu and fighting al Shabaab to worry about pirates, particularly given the geographical issues at play.

The reality, of course, is that piracy has been held in check largely by better adherence to Best Management Practice 4 by the shipping world, the use of armed security guards on merchant ships and the tactics of early interdiction adopted by the naval coalition forces throughout 2013. The solution to the piracy problem remains on land in Somalia, in terms of jobs, a thriving local economy and hope. Until those are in place, the threat of piracy will always remain.


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