Interesting Development in SP Brussels Pirate Attack Story

As you’ll know if you’re a regular, this week the Nigerian press ran a rather bizarre story concerning April’s pirate attack on the SP Brussels, in which one crew member tragically lost their life.

Below is the official response from Medaillon Reederei:

Statement SP Brussels

Oldenburg, May 20th, 2014

Contrary to reports in the media Medaillon Reederei would like to report that the following an attack by pirates on April 29 the master of its oil products tanker SP Brussels did not suffer fatal injuries and is in good health. SP Brussels came under attack on the night of April 29th when the vessel was en route from Port Harcourt to Lagos. Sadly one of the valued crew members suffered fatal injuries with one other seafarer sustaining minor injuries. Two of the attackers died following a crossfire with the security guards on board the ship.

In line with the company’s security procedures crew and armed guards retreated to the citadel of the vessel immediately after the attackers boarded SP Brussels. Regrettably two of the crew were unable to reach the citadel during the vicious attack on the ship. At no stage during the events the remaining 15 crewmembers and the security guards of SP Brussels were held hostage by the attackers nor did the pirates take full control of the ship or its cargo.  When the armed guards left the citadel in the early morning hours of April 30 to establish the security situation they discovered the casualties on board the vessel and confirmed the pirates had left the vessel.

A naval vessel attended to the ship in the afternoon of April 30 when SP Brussels proceeded under its own power to the port of Lagos.

Medaillon Reederei is working closely with authorities in Lagos to who are conducting a full investigation into the exact circumstances that have led to the tragic incident on board the SP Brussels.

For further information please contact Cor Radings




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