Bulgaria rallies to support its seafarers

MPHRP took part in a Piracy Awareness Workshop for the Bulgarian Maritime Community. The Workshop took place on May 20, 2014 in Varna, Bulgaria. Participating were representatives of the ITF, National Bulgarian ITF affiliates, as well as representatives of the Association of Masters, Maritime Institutions and seafarers.

Participants in the event took a collective decision to develop and apply locally MPHRP’s findings and procedures in support of piracy survivors. The full text of the resolution appears below. On the following day Alexander Dimitrevich facilitated a meeting with piracy survivors from M/V Panega.

RESOLUTION We, the participants of the Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme (MPHRP) Awareness Conference held in Varna on 20 May 2014, agree that: The MPHRP is a useful and vital instrument to support seafarers who have suffered abduction or assault, and to prepare them for any such eventual attack.

It is necessary and helpful to join forces in Bulgaria to prepare seafarers for entering areas with high risk of piracy and armed attacks . There is a need to implement and develop MPHRP in Bulgaria. We should use all the educational opportunities offered by the Program as a possible way of improving the humanitarian response to piracy. That the MPHRP’s operations should be extended, developed and implemented in Bulgaria and other Balkan countries. 20.05.2014 Varna, Bulgaria

Source: MPHRP


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