‘Alarming’ surge in piracy reports

A DEADLY pirate raid on a Bahraini fishing dhow has sparked a surge in reports of similar incidents in the Gulf.

Indian Embassy first Secretary Ram Singh told the GDN that diplomats had been shocked to receive alarming accounts from Asian crew members suggesting such attacks were “routine”.

It follows an incident last month in which Indian fishing captain Thomas Glattus Soosai was shot dead by pirates, who boarded the Bahraini fishing dhow Mesouth and escorted the rest of his crew below deck at gunpoint.

“We never had any complaints from the community until the death of Mr Soosai,” said Mr Singh.

“Suddenly we see a surge of complaints which the embassy was never notified of before.

“They (fishermen) now say these attacks are routine.”

The news has raised questions over the role of an anti-piracy task force based in Bahrain, which consists of different nations such as the US, the UK and their allies.

To read the entire article, please click here.

Source: http://www.gulf-daily-news.com


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