Bahrain, powerful but quiet naval base in the Persian Gulf

STRATEGIC LOOK – Given the tensions in the world, U.S. Navy and allies remain strong in the Persian Gulf. Our special envoy visited the U.S. naval base in Bahrain.

Harold Hyman | journalist specializing in geopolitics

Maritime challenges between China, Japan, the United States, have blended this last weekend, May 30 and June 1 at Security Summit Asia in Singapore. The question was mauled there between Americans, Chinese, Japanese, about two China Seas, East and South, and disputed islets. The U.S. Navy, with the 7th Fleet based in Japan, can not be complacent in the face of the Chinese navy, and alongside the Japanese on the rise.

With its 5th Fleet, the Persian Gulf, the U.S. Navy has less threatening, but more active duties. Installed on the U.S. naval base in Bahrain, the fleet watches over this vast area, including the Gulf itself, but also the Suez Canal, the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman, and finally the steps of the Ocean Indian. Located on the island kingdom of Bahrain, the base date of the British protectorate, and hosts a dozen vessels in ordinary times, but it can do more. And the American fleet is not alone. I went there to give me some idea.

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