Pirate Attack Alert: Nigeria

Image courtesy of OCEANUSLive.org

Image courtesy of OCEANUSLive.org

The IMB today confirmed an attack on a merchant ship in Nigerian territorial waters.

The incident occurred yesterday, at around 1900 LT, when two high speed boats approached a bulk carrier underway in position 04:49N-008:18E, Calabar River. The boats’ occupants fired on the bulk carrier but aborted their attack when the MV’s armed security team made their presence known.

It’s unclear whether there was any damage caused by gunfire, but there were no reports of injuries to the crew. The incident occurs just a few days after the Nigerian Navy promised to ensure “adequate” security against piracy in the region and a few weeks after the incident involving the SP Brussels, which resulted in the death of one crewman.

Maritime Security News has received several reports of other incidents in West Africa, including crew kidnappings, all of which have not been officially reported or publicised in the media. It’s clear that maritime crime is still a boom industry in the region.


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