Orapin 4 Hijack Details Start to Emerge

New details about last week’s hijacking of the Thai-flagged Orapin 4 are beginning to emerge.

Local media reports suggest that the ship, which went missing on May 27th, state that the vessel was boarded and hijacked by 10 pirates armed with guns and knives at around 2am on Wednesday 28th while the ship transited the Strait of Malacca. The pirates then spent around 10 hours transferring the diesel (ADF) cargo onboard to a secondary tanker, before leaving the Orapin 4 at approximately 9pm on Wednesday evening, having disabled the ships communications equipment and removing mobile phones from the crew.

The ship eventually made it to port in Thailand on June 1st and the investigation is ongoing. The Orapin 4 left Singapore bound for Indonesia with a cargo of 3,377 metric tonnes of diesel on May 27th. It is not known at this time whether the entire cargo was stolen.


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