Fairdeal Group S.A. confirm last contact with “Fair Artemis”

Fairdeal Group S.A.  can confirm that they have been unable to contact their managed vessel MT “Fair Artemis” since yesterday 5th June 2014, and the last contact with the vessel was at 18:00 hrs. on 4th June 2014.   At the time, the vessel was operating offshore Ghana.

Fairdeal Fleet Director Mr John Gray said “Our primary concern at this time is for the safety of those on board the vessel.  We would like to assure their families and all stakeholders that we are fully committed to returning the crew and vessel to a safe port.

We have taken the following steps in order to do just that, including:

1.  Notifying the ICC in London, UK – International Maritime Bureau. They have confirmed that they have relayed the message to the authorities concerned for prompt action.

2.  Notifying NYA Operations Centre, this is manned by a dedicated team who constantly monitor the Gulf of Guinea for security risks and incidents.    They have advised that they have created a 100 NM zone and are contacting vessels they are currently tracking in the area to try and obtain any relevant information.  Vessel’s flag (Liberia) authorities and Greek maritime authorities have also been notified and are also monitoring their identification systems.

3.  Our local agents are closely coordinating with Ghanaian Coast Guard and the Director General of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority to mobilize the Navy patrols to assist in locating the vessel.

4.   Advice and support to the families of our seafarers have been established and are regularly advising them of any developments.

Given the sensitivity of the situation, we will only provide comment if there are material developments which can be communicated.”


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