Ghana Maritime Authority Says Its Ultra-Modern Monitoring System Is Effective Enough To Detect And Prevent Piracy

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Maritime Authority, Peter Azumah, says the ultra-modern monitoring systems that the authority is using on its corridors are efficient and effective enough to protect vessels within Ghana’s waters. 

Explaining circumstances under which a foreign vessel allegedly carrying oil on the high sea recently got missing, Mr Azumah said the vessel was not hijacked in Ghana’s territorial waters. 

He tells Radio Ghana’s correspondent what the authority and its collaborators are doing to intercept the missing vessel.

To listen to the audio file, please click here and visit the original article.

Maritime Security News Note:
You really need to listen to this interview if you can, as it’s a great piece. Mr Azumah states that the ship was not hijacked in Ghanaian territorial waters. On Saturday, Reuters reported that the ship had sent a distress call while it was 36nm off the coast of Ghana, which is still well within the country’s EEZ.


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