Port2Port West Africa Court Case Adjournment



Port2Port West Africa’s maritime security contractors Court Case in Nigeria has been adjourned until 29th Sep 14. This is due to a cross application from the first 2 defendants and a personal plea from the State Prosecutor to allow him to review the case. Vincent Haywood (32) and Piers Eastwood (39), both UK nationals, were detained on 21st March for 19 days on accusation of bribery and theft. 

Port2Port West Africa has consistently denied its security contractors ever engaged in any illegal activity or criminality of any kind.  Bola Adefhiniti, Director Port2Port West Africa said, “The adjournment is extremely unfortunate for all concerned, not least of which Piers and Vincent and their families, who are unable to move on while these baseless accusations remain. We have cooperated with the Nigerian authorities throughout in the hope that this matter would finally be concluded today on the basis that from day one, no evidence of wrongdoing has ever been presented against our personnel.

However, we remain cognisant and respectful of the Nigerian legal process and will continue to work with the Nigerian judiciary to cooperate with due process. The whole episode has been extremely costly both in monetary and reputational terms and an extremely difficult period for the company, which is one of very few maritime security companies correctly incorporated and properly licensed to deliver services in Nigeria. We accept the difficulties of providing effective risk management in a complex environment to the Shipping and Offshore Industries, however, it is hugely regrettable that we still find ourselves embroiled in this case when our operatives were simply “in the wrong place at the wrong time” and there is absolutely no evidence to suggest otherwise.

Source: https://www.port2portwestafrica.com


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