UK, Nigeria Partner to Boost Maritime Security

The British Navy and its Nigerian counterpart will build a synergy through information and experience sharing in order to strengthen their capacity to deal with insecurity and illegal activities within Nigeria, the West African coast and across the Gulf of Guinea.

This was the submission of the Commanding Officer of the British Naval War ship, the Iron Duke, Tom Tredary during its six day working visit to Nigeria.

He said the move was inspired by the need for the Nigerian Navy and the British Navy to share information and experience in order to boost maritime security within the Gulf of Guinea and especially within the West African coast.

Addressing newsmen on board the Iron Duke in Lagos, he said, “Maritime security is a problem that affects all nations. It’s important that security is given the required attention in order to reduce illegal activities at sea. It requires concerted efforts by all navies to do that. We think that we can share experiences we have had in combating piracy in the Indian Ocean and Somalia. “This will help the Nigerian Navy to refine the techniques that they already use to try and bring a great deal of law and order in the Gulf of Guinea. We think that there is a lot that we can learn from each other because Nigerian Navy has a better understanding of activities around these waters and we have a great understanding of activities patrolling the Gulf of Guinea, so we can share experiences,” he said.

To read the entire article, please click here.



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