UPDATE: Pirate leader Mohamed Garfanje arrested in Mogadishu

UPDATE: Sources now suggest that Garfanje has been released without charge. How very Somalian…

Number two Somali pirate leader arrested in Mogadishu

Mohamed Abdi Gafaje the deputy head of notorious Somali pirates has been arrested in Mogadishu.

According to Somali police sources Mohamed and other fifteen people were arrested with weapons and vehicles in Mogadishu house and now held in undisclosed prison in the city.

His arrest comes as the federal government of Somalia is in the process of security the city from the former war lords through disarmament operation.

Mohamed Abdi Hassan famously known as Afweyne or big mouth who is the number one leader of the Somali pirates is now serving prison sentence in Belgium for piracy related case long the Somali coast.

Somali pirates business ships and demanded huge ransom during the height of piracy in 2009/2010.

European  Naval force is currently patrolling the Somali coast against the piracy.

Source: http://www.somalicurrent.com

Maritime Security News Note:
Sabahionline.com reports that in addition to Garfanje’s arrest:

“Police said several other people were apprehended in the operation, including pirate commander Mohamed Dahir Farah Qoley. The suspects are now in police custody.”

Pirate watchers will know that Garfanje has also been implicated in a number of kidnappings in Somalia, including a number of Kenyans. Garfanje was behind the hijacking of Seychellois fishermen, Rolly Tambara and Marc Songoire, whose vessel the FV Aride was hijacked on October 30th, 2011. Both men were eventually freed in April 2012.



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