Our Security Agencies Are Doing Well-Rear Admiral Tahiru

Board Chairman of PSC Tema Shipyard Rear Admiral Mohammed Munir Tahiru says Ghana’s Navy and other security agencies are doing marvelously well with regards to ensuring the safety of the country’s territorial waters, but has also warned that they must not be complacent and rest on their laurels.

Speaking to Maritime and Transport Digest in an interview on his assessment of the maritime industry with regards to the recent surge in piracy activities in the Gulf of Guinea he said the Ghana Navy and other security agencies in maritime surveillance have been up to the task in keeping Ghana’s territorial waters safe for navigation, but cautioned that they must always remain alert.

“The country’s waters is secured, but the day you assume, you are secured, that is when you need to increase your protection measures” he said, adding that the Ghana Navy, through collaboration with sister security agencies, has effectively managed to keep pirates away from the waters of Ghana.

“This is good for the country because, as a country, the bulk of our trade is handled by the marine environment. We must always ensure to keep our waters safer at all times,” he said.

Rear Admiral Tahiru emphasized that despite the strenuous efforts by the police to boost capacity to increase security in the maritime domain, government must provide the resources to ensure that they are able to carry out their surveillance duties professionally.

“I also believe the forces i.e. Navy and Police must be given the assistance to operate efficiently; government has done very well lately by providing the Ghana Navy support including the supply of seven new ships and I think government must be encouraged to do more in this direction and there is the need for continuous training in the near future, provision of more sophisticated platforms on which to operate etc.,” he advised.

Source: http://www.spyghana.com

Maritime Security News Note:
On the face of it, a perfectly reasonable piece. But look at the incident map for Ghana (kindly supplied by OCEANUSLive.org). The red markers, indicating hijackings, belong to the MT Fair Artemis (hijacked 04/06/14), the MT Hai Soon 6 (hijacked 25/07/14) and the FV Marine 711 which was hijacked on 04/06/14. Of course, none of these incidents occurred within Ghana’s 12nm limit.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 17.42.16


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