Somalia: Five Dead in Somali Pirate fight Over Ransom


A group of Somali pirates exchanged heavy gunfire on Thursday over a ransom they received for releasing an American Journalist, Residents have confirmed.

The clash took place in the Southern part of Galkaio town, North-central of Somalia, controlled by local Administration of Galmudug.

At least three pirates were killed during the clash, including a prominent pirate kingpin. Several other civilians were injured during the gun battle.

‘’There was a heavy exchange of gunfire between them (pirates). They fought over a ransom they received for releasing the American Journalist,” said one of the residents.

Journalist Michael Scott Moore was released days ago after the pirates were paid a ransom of about $1.5 million. He was held in captive for almost three years by pirates who hail from Galmudug.

It’s not the first time Somali Pirates have argued and clashed over ransoms they have received.


Maritime Security News:
This is what they call a win-win. Not only is Michael free at long last, his captors have fought amongst themselves and killed each other. It would be good to know just which ‘pirate kingpin’ was killed. Ali Dulaaye was suspected to have been involved in Moore’s captivity, as was Garfanje. The latter was scooped up during the Somali government’s attempts to disarm warlords a few weeks ago, to much acclaim from Western media outlets.

Guess what? Our sources suggest he has since been freed.

If there’s one thing pirates are good at, it’s squabbling over ransom money. At least this time, it doesn’t appear that any innocent bystanders were killed in the crossfire. Interesting, too, that the gang were in Galkayo, which was where Moore was headed at the time of his kidnapping in January 2012.


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