Seychelles, EUNAVFOR and EUCAP Nestor counter piracy drills


On Thursday 8 January, a counter-piracy exercise was carried out jointly by the Seychelles Coast Guard, Air Force and Police together with the EUNAVFOR Atalanta represented by the ITS ANDREA DORIA and EUCAP Nestor.

The purpose of the exercise was twofold; firstly, to practice cooperation between the Coast Guard, Air Force, the Police and EUNAVFOR Atalanta a joint counter-piracy operation, and secondly to test procedures and routines linked to effective processing of suspected pirates and evidence handling at sea. This to secure compelling evidence that subsequently can be used by prosecution when prosecuting the suspects in court.

The exercise involved the boarding of a suspected pirate skiff that had attacked a local fishing boat. The ‘pirates’ were disarmed and taken into custody, along with evidence from the skiff and subsequently the Seychelles Coast Guard handed over the pirates and evidence to the Police Force represented by police officers from the Maritime Police Patrol unit and Crime Investigation Unit.



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