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Maritime Security in the Asia-Pacific (VIDEO)


Pirates Collect N88 Million Ransom to Free Foreigners

Maritime Security News: Apologies, I thought I posted this yesterday, but clearly didn’t!

Lagos — Strong indications emerged yesterday that a group of pirates collected 400,000 US dollars (about N88 million) as ransom before they freed the three foreigners kidnapped off the coast of Nigeria on February 3. Continue reading

PN takes over the command of combined Task Force

KARACHI:  Pakistan Navy has taken over the command of Multinational Combined Task Force 151 (CTF-151) for the sixth time. Continue reading

Is Nigeria’s Territorial Water Safe?

With massive investment in maritime security in the recent past, resulting in satellite capabilities and increased operational platforms, the removal of the country from war risk zone is not in sight, a situation that keeps insurance premium ships coming to the area,to pay on the high side, in what has been described as an international conspiracy against Nigeria. ANDREW AIRAHUOBHOR reports Continue reading

Somali pirates release Thai hostages held for 4 years

NAIROBI: Four Thai fishermen held hostage by Somali pirates for nearly four years have been released, local officials said Friday. Continue reading

RI, S’pore hope to mend military ties with new cooperation

Nani Afrida

Indonesia and Singapore are working to improve defense relations after last year’s spat over the naming of a Usman Harun Navy corvette. Continue reading