Hijacked tanker finally located

ReCAAP reports that the hijacked tanker, MT Rehobot, also named locally as the MT Berkat Rehobot, has finally been located.

The ship was hijacked on January 28th at around 2330 LT by eight masked pirates armed with long knives who came alongside and boarded her. They took control of the ship and tied the crew up, taping their eyes. The ship was carrying 1100 tons of diesel destined for a mining operation. The pirates then put the crew of the ship off in a life raft and no sign had been seen of the vessel since then, despite a prolonged search in the region.

According to today‚Äôs report, at the beginning of February, ReCAAP notified the shipping industry that the vessel may be heading towards Filipino waters at the beginning of February. As a result, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) kept watch for the ship. On February 23rd, at around 2313 LT, the PCG received word that a ship had run aground in Brgy Cabuaya, Mati City, Davao Oriental, Philippines. On investigation, the PCG were able to confirm that this was the missing MT Rehobot. There has been no word on the status of the ship’s cargo.


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