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Decline of Piracy has led to the rise of Illegal Fishing in Somalia


By Ayuub Abdirahman – Horseed Media

Following the downfall of Somalia’s last functional government in 1991, the country’s 3,330 km (2,000 miles) of coastline — the longest in continental Africa — has been pillaged by foreign vessels. Somalia waters, particularly off the coast of the semi-autonomous state of Puntland in the country’s North, contain some of the world’s most important stocks of tuna, anchovies, sharks, rays, lobsters, and shrimps, but they are barely monitored or policed, and wide open to legal and illegal plunder. Continue reading

Piracy humanitarian group’s future in doubt

Girija Shettar

The falling number of Somali pirate incidents could spell the end of piracy humanitarian group MPHRP in its current form. Continue reading

Navy Foils Attack on Iranian Tanker near Bab-el-Mandeb Strait

Iranian naval forces rescued one of the country’s oil tankers from a pirate attack around the Bab-el-Mandeb, a strait between the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa. Continue reading

Two Egyptian sailors kidnapped by pirates off Nigerian coast

Ministry of Foreign of Affairs spokesman Badr Abdel-Atti said that two Egyptian sailors, a captain and a navigator, were kidnapped by armed pirates off the coast of Nigeria. Continue reading