Somalia: Convicted pirates freed in Yemen prison attack reach Puntland

Convicted Somali pirates who were freed in Al Qaeda attack on a prison in the Yemeni city of Mukallah arrived back in Puntland, recounting ordeals during the pre-planned assault, Garowe Online reports.

Speaking on VOA Somali Service on Saturday afternoon, Mahdi Isse said he was serving a sentence in the prison after he was convicted of taking part in high sea crime off the coast of Somalia.

Isse added that he was among 45 Somali inmates held for various crimes, and pre-informed them about the attack: “We were informed that the prison will be attacked, once the assault commenced, we managed to escape”.

Meanwhile Abdullahi Ahmed, another Yemen prison escapee disclosed that four Somali prisoners were wounded during the operation: “Two of the four sustained leg fractures after they jumped over the long wall of the prison”.

Although Somali pirates have long been jailed in Yemen, no independent sources confirmed the exact number of pirates set free in Al Qaeda operation. Photographic image purporting to be senior Al Qaeda official Khalid Badrifi went viral on social media, with some posting as: “From Prison to Mukallah presidential palace”.

To read the entire article, please click here.



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