Three Crewmembers of Bourbon Boat, Surfer 1440, Kidnapped off Nigeria


Bourbon Offshore confirmed that three crewmembers were kidnapped from a crewboat off the coast of Nigeria.

Bourbon said in a press release that the three were kidnapped from the Surfer 1440 after it was boarded on the night of 8 April off the Nigerian coast.

Bourbon says that it immediately activated an emergency unit in Nigeria.

Bourbon went on to state that the three kidnapped were all Nigerian nationals. Bourbon Interior Nigeria is in contact with the families of those kidnapped and is providing support as they keep them regularly informed of the situation. An emergency unit based in Nigeria was immediately activated.

Surfer 1440 is part of Bourbon Offshore’s Surfer-series crewboats. Surfers are equipped with aluminium hulls. Very light, designed for speed and the comfort of the professionals transported, with cruising speeds between 24-40 knots.

Bourbon said it would make no further comment on the situation.

Bourbon had seven crew kidnapped – 6 Russians and 1 Estonian – during a boarding of the Luxembourg-flagged Bourbon Liberty 249 on 15 October 2012 off Nigeria. They were released weeks later.

In 2010, 3 French crew members were kidnapped off a Bourbon-operated vessel off the coast of Nigeria and were later released.



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