30 Bangladeshi fishermen kidnapped by bandits in Bay of Bengal

Thirty Bangladeshi fishermen have been kidnapped by armed bandits while fishing near Sonadia, an island off the coastal town of Cox’s Bazaar in southeastern Bangladesh.

Quoting two fishermen who narrowly escaped the attacks after jumping into the sea, Joynal Abdin, owner of the fishing boats, said that the bandits kidnapped 30 fishermen at around 3:30 a.m. local time on Thursday.

He said they already informed law enforcement agencies to look into the matter.

At least 32 fishermen sailed out in two boats on Sunday from Sonadia island, some 392 km southeast of capital Dhaka, he added.

Bangladesh Coast Guard in April 2013 recovered the bodies of 20 fishermen who were killed by pirates near Kutubdia, another island off the coastal town of Cox’s Bazaar.

Source: http://www.globalpost.com

Maritime Security News:
It’s good to see this sort of thing being more widely reported. The number of attacks on Bangladeshi fishermen in the Bay of Bengal makes Somali piracy look like a nice day in the park by comparison. Murder, armed robbery and kidnap would appear to be just another part of being a fisherman in the Bay of Bengal. Let’s hope that the recent announcement by India and Bangladesh to clamp down on maritime crime in the Bay actually bears fruit.


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