Ears split, whipped and starved; Ahiable recounts ordeal with Somali pirates

Whipped with electrical wires, denied food for several weeks, drinking sea water to survive, being thrown into the sea and having an ear slashed were just a few of the torturous ordeals 22 hostages including a Ghanaian Jewel Ahiable endured when being kept captive by Somali pirates.

Only released in December 2012, Ahiable and the 21 foreign nationals lived in fear for nearly three years.

The Panama-flagged MV Iceberg One cargo ship was hijacked by Somali pirates as it set off in March 2010 on a voyage to Britain with a cargo of electrical goods.

But the men were left to endure the longest pirate hijacking in modern maritime history, after the Dubai-owners of the ship refused to pay the $10 million ransom they demanded.And when the ransom money did not arrive, the torture sessions were increased.

“They split the ears of our Chief Engineer – a Yemeni – into two,” Ahiable told Kafui Dey, host of Morning Starr

Ahiable, who was the ship’s electrical engineer, added that their health deteriorated quickly after only being fed one meal a day of rice and dirty drinking water. Ahiable said after several unsuccessful attempts to get their ransom from the owner of the ship who was cooling off in Dubai, the irate pirates whipped them with sticks and wires and at times tied them up.

To read the entire article (and you should), please click here.

Source: http://www.starrfmonline.com


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