Iran successfully tests military go-fast boat

TEHRAN — Iran has successfully tested a go-fast boat that can move at 110 knots per hour, said the commander of the IRGC Naval Force.

Announcing the news, Ali Fadavi stated that the IRGC Naval Force plans to start the mass-production of another type of go-fast boat by the end of the current Iranian year which would be able to move at 80 knots per hour.

These boats can also carry 100-kilometer-range missiles, he added.

He said that Iran is the first country to install missiles, torpedoes, and cannons on go-fast watercraft.

The commander said that a maritime laboratory and testing lake of Imam Hossein University – belonging to the IRGC – provide facilities to build and test go-fast boats that can move at 120 knots per hour.

To read the entire article, please click here.


Maritime Security News:
If true (and it’s always best to take Iranian news with a handsome pinch of salt), this will surely be of interest to shipping companies transiting the Strait of Hormuz as well as the military in the region. Small Iranian patrol boats cause enough trouble as it is. The idea of them suddenly appearing next to a merchant ship at 110 knots adds yet another dimension to the security of the region.


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