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Italy invokes arbitration as India further delays marines’ trial

Jem Newton

Italy has tired of delays in bringing to trial in India two Italian marines accused of firing on and killing two fishermen while guarding an oil tanker against piracy attack. Continue reading

Maritime Piracy: “Africa Must Develop Its Own Security Architecture”

GATHERED on Thursday, June 25, around Admiral Bernard Rogel, Chief of Staff of the French Navy in Brest, where the operational authority of the Navy is based, several senior military officials from Africa and Europe, taking part in a seminar to reflect on the problem of piracy in connection with illicit activities. The phenomenon has assumed alarming rates in the Gulf of Guinea in recent years.

Continue reading

Nigera – Revealed: Those behind oil theft in the country

Oil bunkering in the Niger Delta, has been a perennial problem. The country is to have lost oil estimated at $10.9 billion or about 136 million barrels to crude oil thieves. Also 10 billion barrels of oil valued at $894 million have been lost to pipeline vandalised in the downstream sector. Continue reading

Pirates overran us in minutes, says Orkim Harmony skipper

By Jonathan Edward

PORT KLANG, June 26 —The crew of Orkim Harmony had no warning of the pirate attack and could not respond as they had already boarded. Continue reading

Ijaw Youths Condemn Military’s Random Bombings of Calabar River, Akwa Ibom States

Posted by: daniel

The umbrella body of Ijaw youths, the Ijaw Youth Council Worldwide, has condemned random bombings of the Niger Delta by the Nigerian military under the guise of arresting sea pirates. Continue reading

Kenya repatriates 62 Somali pirates

The Kenyan government on Wednesday claimed to have repatriated 62 Somali pirates who have finished their jail terms, as part of its Piracy Prisoner Transfer Programme. Continue reading

The Decision to Stop Using Security Guards

By Wendy Laursen

It’s a subject that ship managers are reticent to talk about, but many are now thinking about when they will stop using security guards on their ships travelling high risk Somali waters. Continue reading