Nigerian Air Force Raid Pirates Hideout In Calabar

The Nigerian Air Force, 207 Special Mobility unleashed its men on the hideouts of criminal elements on Calabar waterways according to the Navy.

The 207 Special Mobility Commander, Charles Ohwo revealed today that the raid was in compliance with the directive of the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Adesola Amosu after the recent series of kidnapping and criminal activities in Calabar.


He said: “Of late, you noticed that in Cross River, especially in Calabar, there has been an increase in kidnapping and theft cases spearheaded by militants, the latest being the attack on Marine Police.
“The Chief of Air Staff directed the Mobility Command to ensure that the militants do not patrol along Calabar waterways again and to reassure the people that the Air Force is always able and ready.
“So the display is just to assure the people of our combat readiness and we recorded successes, ‘’ Ohwo said.

To read the entire article, please click here.


Maritime Security News:
An interesting move, but one surely destined to enjoy limited success. While helicopter gunships are certainly of some use, chasing pirates through the Delta’s creeks may not be one of them. However, something had to be done following the assault on the Marine Police base in Calabar, although the full report fails to mention whether the attack was launched against the pirates responsible (no mention of the stolen gunboats, for instance) or another group of armed men. We will have to wait for further developments… Meanwhile, there are presumably pirates out there with heavy weapons and gunboats marked up in Marine Police livery. Not the best situation for the regions oil and gas contractors or OSV operators.


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