Nigeria: Cross River grapples with kidnapping, militancy, piracy

Written by Eyo Charles, Calabar

Whereas in the North-East of Nigeria Boko Haram insurgency holds sway, in the South-South, especially in Cross River State, kidnapping, armed robbery, cultism, militancy and piracy have become the hydra-headed challenge which the Nigerian Navy and the police are grappling with.

Before now, the state was generally described as a peaceful and serene haven for which reason it attracts tourists, international conferences and sight-seers from around the world. The upsurge in petty and major crimes in parts of the state, particularly Calabar, the state capital, has rubbished such claim.

Of particular note is Calabar South Local Government Area of the state where cultism, gangsterism, rape, kidnapping and violent robbery are reported to be increasing. Youths in the area are noted for smoking marijuana and taking other narcotics in the open; they freely wield dangerous weapons and attack residents at will. This has made the place dreadful for even locals such that once night falls they hold their hearts in their mouths.

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