Bangladesh: Robbers abduct 15 fishermen

Robbers abducted at least 15 fishermen along with two fishing trawlers in the River Meghna near Nijhum Dwip under Hatiya upazila of the district on Sunday.

Of the abductees, ten were identified as Dulal Majhi, Khokan Majhi, Nasir Sareng, Bahar Sareng, Arshed Ali, Hasem, Sakhawat Majhi, Ali Azgor, Manu Mia and Md Seraj.

Amzad Hossain, in-charge of Hatiya Coastguards, said a gang swooped on the fishermen in Jahajmara area while they were returning from the deep sea on Sunday evening.

The gang abducted 15 fishermen and took away two fishing trawlers, he added.


Maritime Security News:
Despite countless attacks against local fishermen, abductions, assaults and murders, very few reports emerge from the Bay of Bengal. This needs to change. The criminals are operating with apparent impunity and more publicity might lead to a greater outcry from the public and some movement from the authorities.


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