Tompolo’s Arrangement With Buhari’s Govt Remain Intact – NIMASA

Nigeria – NIMASA has rubbished reports that the federal government has broken off its relationship with Tompolo’s company which is in charge of pipeline security in parts of the country.

Isichie Osangbi, Deputy Director of Public relations for the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) denied receiving any directive from the presidency to discontinue payment to Global West Vessel Specialists Nigeria Limited (GWVSNL) for the provision of platforms for security of the nation’s waterways, which is owned by the ex-militant leader.

“NIMASA is a government agency and would always implement government policy or reform in the maritime sector and not to be seen doing the opposite. Also, as a government agency, NIMASA ought to be in the know if there was any such directive or change in policy, since the alleged directive, according to those peddling the rumour, was meant for the agency to put an end to all payments to Global West Vessel.

“I tell you with due sense of responsibility that there is no such directive. If there is, nothing would have stopped NIMASA from informing members of the public or issuing statement to that effect,” he said.

“We are aware of our core mandate and we will do everything to enforce the federal government law as it affects the maritime sector. No rumor or falsehood will distract us,” he said.

The maritime security contract was approved by former President Goodluck Jonathan and awarded by NIMASA in 2011.


Maritime Security News:
An interesting response from NIMASA given the widespread criticism of this contract and the ongoing security situation in Nigeria’s TTW, creeks and rivers. Hopefully, the new Nigerian President will find time to address insecurity in the nation’s waters sooner rather than later.


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