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Oil tanker rescued from pirates

TEHRAN, Aug. 25 (MNA) – The Iranian Navy commander has said that a pirate attack on an oil tanker was foiled by the 35th fleet of the Iranian Navy. Continue reading

Vessel used to siphon crude oil from MT Joaquim seized by Indonesia

KUALA LUMPUR: A tanker, believed to have been used by pirates to siphon 3,500 tonnes of crude oil from oil tanker MT Joaquim on Saturday, has been seized by Indonesian authorities. Continue reading

MMEA to scrutinise tanker’s navigation system


PETALING JAYA: MT Joaquim, which was reported missing on Saturday night and later found in Indonesian waters near Pulau Rupat, will be towed to Malacca before its navigation system is scrutinised. Continue reading

Hishammuddin: Further expansion of joint patrols to ensure safety of vessels

Aiezat Fadzell


HULU KELANG: Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein today called for further expansion of joint patrols by Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia at the South China Seas and Straits of Malacca. Continue reading

Dryad Issues Maritime Crime Figures for Q2 2015

The following narrative accompanies Dryad’s maritime crime figures for Quarter 2 (April to June) of 2015, assessing the situation across our main areas of maritime interest. The report is not limited to traditional piracy and maritime crime, but includes commentary on other threats and issues; from civil war and terrorism in Yemen and Libya to criminal gang enabled mass migration – areas and issues upon which we report regularly to our clients. The narrative, compiled by Dryad’s regional analysts, is set against a highly visible, complex and dynamic international backdrop. Continue reading

Faced with migrants and terrorists is private security the answer for Med shipping?

By Charlie Bartlett from London

As if it is not enough for shipping in the Mediterranean that it is being seen as a migrant rescue service, there are now warnings that those same vessels could be harbouring Islamic State (IS) terrorists. Continue reading

Four-nation cooperation must be expanded to combat piracy, says Hisham

The cooperation between Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia in the Straits of Malacca must be expanded to curb piracy in their territorial waters. Continue reading