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Italy invokes arbitration as India further delays marines’ trial

Jem Newton

Italy has tired of delays in bringing to trial in India two Italian marines accused of firing on and killing two fishermen while guarding an oil tanker against piracy attack. Continue reading

Fisherman shot at by maritime security personnel near Bombay High

Ateeq Shaikh

A fisherman was “accidentally” shot by maritime security personnel, on Sunday at Bombay High in Arabian Sea, while fishing close to oil rigs. Continue reading

MEPs chide India on Italian marines case

A European parliament delegation on Monday criticised India’s judicial system in the case of two Italian marines accused of murdering Indian fishermen more than three years ago, saying it is “a little bit too long”. Geoffrey Van Orden, president of the European parliament Delegation for relations with Italy said during a visit to New Delhi that Brussels respects India’s judicial system and the affair of the two marines “ought not to be an obstacle to bilateral “Indian European” relations but “it seems to us that the trial to which the Italian Navy fusiliers are subjected is a little bit too long”. Continue reading

India court extends Italian marine’s leave

India’s Supreme Court has allowed an Italian marine accused of killing two Indian fishermen in 2012 to extend his stay in Italy by three more months on health grounds. Continue reading

Coast Guard Warning Shots Hit Two Fishermen Near Kerala Coast

Written by Sneha Mary Koshy

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Two fishermen from Tamil Nadu were injured when warning shots fired by a ship of the Indian Coast Guard ricocheted and hit them, six kilometers off the Vizhinjam harbour in Thiruvananthapuram. Continue reading

Safety alert after fisherman killed


PIRATES have shot dead a fisherman on board a Bahraini dhow during an armed robbery at sea, sparking a warning to sailors to steer clear of international waters. Continue reading